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How SEO Services Can Help Your Site

Appear in Organic Searches

Google Adwords PPCSEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is all about ranking on first page in the local or organic (also known as Free) section of major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The first stage of SEO is determining what keywords and search phrases your customers are using to find services and businesses in your industry. The second stage is to lay out the framework for customers to easily navigate your website for a better user experience using that information. Most internet users bounce out of websites if they take too long to load and if they can't find what they are looking for right away. Yo Mama Web Designers suggest building specific, themed pages in addition to one general services page, not only for a better user experience, but also to follow SEO Standards.

After the framework is laid out, focus on each page's content. Content relevancy is not only the #1 SEO Standard but costumers want their buying questions answered NOW. Effective content writing is what separates great web designers from good web designers. Yo Mama's Web Designers can guide you through this process and create an optimized website that contains well laid out pages addressing the viewer's most common buying questions as well as pointing out your competitive advantages.

Ultimately, Google, Yahoo & Bing are looking for businesses that are committed to their industry. Unique content, freshly updated blogs, authoritative and relevant internal and external links that empower your costumers about your industry, engaging Facebook discussions and reviews about your business (which can lead to repeat and referral clients) and proper use of website coding are all SEO factors that influence your internet presence.

Outside factors that affect a website’s organic ranking is popularity and click-through-rates (CTR). Yo Mama can help you understand the importance of search engine marketing (SEM), which can boost your website traffic very quickly.

Web Page SEO with Yo Mama

We named our web company Yo Mama because we are attracting the attention of “Mom and Pop Shops” to help create a better web presence with affordable SEO solutions.

Web Page Optimization:

  • Research keywords, search terms and industry data
  • Integrate keywords into title tags, meta descriptions and URL naming up to 8 pages
  • Incorporate cross linking between pages within your site
  • Develop a hierarchy structure to each page with headlines and header tags
  • Optimize your images with alt attributes
  • Setup internal and external links with "breadcrumbs" (description anchor text)
  • Submit sitemap and verify your site with Google

Whether you need search engine optimization tips, strategies or an SEO company to promote your website, call or click Get Started today!

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