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Top 5 Reasons Websites Fail

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Thinking about a new image, updating your website's functionality, or a complete makeover for your website? Make sure it's done right with a website review before you begin a website redesign. We help make sure all the bases are covered to maximize effectiveness moving forward.

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Page Download Time: Fast loading pages help with page ranking and keeping visitor's interest. We check file sizes, images, css scripts and more.

Website Layout and Navigation: Easy to use navigation and easy to find information are the foundation to a solid website.

Search Engine Optimization: Incorporating title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, URL naming, photo alt tags and description anchor text corectly are important page ranking factors.

Quality, Enriched Content: Are potential customers getting their questions answered? Use clear headlines and incorporate relevant keywords and search terms to make it easy.

Email Capture: Quick and easy contact forms capture leads.

Mobile Friendly: Most of us are constantly on the go. Make sure your site is accessible to mobile formats.