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Increase Quality Leads with SEO

Search Engine Optimization can help your site rank

Improve the quality and volume of traffic to your website from search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing. SEO includes editing your website's content to increase its relevance to specific keywords and search terms. Yo Mama will incorporate title tags, meta descriptions, meta keywords and URL naming (up to 5 pages), sitemap submission to Google, hierarchy structured pages with header tags, optimize images with "alt" attributes, robots.txt files placed in your site's root directory and setup internal / external links with "breadcrumbs", or description anchor text. We also test each page size, composition and load time for maximum page ranking opportunity.

IMPORTANT SEO TIP: Link exchanging is an important SEO factor. Save yourself time and money by following SEO forums before you make a decision on a search engine optimization company. We offer affordable solutions for "white hat" (ethical) link exchanging.

Web Optimization with Yo Mama

Web Page Optimization:
  • Research keywords, search terms and industry data
  • Integrate keywords into title tags, meta descriptions and URL naming up to 8 pages
  • Incorporate cross linking between pages within your site
  • Develop a hierarchy structure to each page with headlines and header tags
  • Optimize your images with alt attributes
  • Setup internal and external links with "breadcrumbs" (description anchor text)
  • Submit sitemap and verify your site with Google

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