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Google Adwords PPCSEM, or Search Engine Marketing, is a highly effective way to capture quality online consumers from the first page of search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing by purchasing adwords, also known as pay-per-click, or PPC. SEM utilizes adword campaigns to make ads tailored to buying needs appear in the "paid" search areas on the top, right and bottom. This unique targeting ability makes SEM attractive to advertisers because consumers are more likely to click on the paid search ads rather than the natural or organic searches which are often not as relevant.

The first stage of SEM is to determine what return on investment (ROI) you can expect. Most businesses are more successful when they focus on click-through-rates (CTR) and Google quality scores rather than impressions (how many times your website appears for searched keywords), clicks (the amount of unique visitors) or hits (the number of pages a visitor views on your website). The higher the CTR the better, and the quickest way to receive click-throughs is a pay-per-click campaign on major search engines. Be aware that paying too much for clicks without getting the appropriate conversions will negatively impact your ROI. This is where managing your campaign effectively is essential.

Properly managed SEM campaigns will build calls and traffic. Without an effectively managed campaign, it's possible to spend 25-50% of your ad budget ineffectively. After setting up your adword account, Yo Mama professionals analyze industry trends, target markets and competitor sites to optimize ketword selection. We create ad groups to target demographics that generate conversions and we monitor your adword budget daily. Campaigns that are allowed to run on "autopilot" can produce less ROI than campaigns that are monitored more than once a week.

To ensure that your campaign is producing, it is important to measure your conversions. We can implement a sophisticated call tracking system that measures and proves your ROI with detailed reports and recorded phone calls. We also use analytic reports from Google, Yahoo & Bing to research your website's activity.

SEM is not only a quick way to target focused leads but provides a great boost to search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines will rank websites higher in the natural, organic (FREE, left side) search areas when they are receiving higher volumes of online traffic produced by a strong SEM campaign.

SEM with Yo Mama: $300.00 initial setup

Yo Mama Web Company is one of the few online marketing consultants who offer a 30 day trial period with our monthly SEM service. Monthly fees and advertising budgets vary.

Account Setup: Setup pay-per-click accounts and create ad campaigns including ads, ad groups, settings, keyword lists, negative keyword lists and content networks.

Identify and Select Keywords: Analyze industry trends, target markets and competitor sites to optimize keyword selection and maintain your keyword list.

Manage Adword Bids: You determine your budget and we'll monitor ads and update content as needed. There is no minimum spend or commitment.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee: Month-to-month agreements, no long term contracts.

Detailed Reports: Track how your ads and campaigns are doing and how much you are spending per click. Analytic reports can provide information on your website's activity. For an additional $40/mo. call tracking reports provide detailed information on callers and recorded call content.

Whether you need search engine marketing tips, strategies or an SEM company to manage your PPC campaign, click below, call or email us today!

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